Buttered toast is the best. (Fun little watercolor painted on back of a biz card.)

Buttered toast is the best. (Fun little watercolor painted on back of a biz card.)

You're probably wondering about this real butter thing. The short story is that I make my own butter and think it is just the best thing going. It's magical. It tastes magical and how it comes into being is magical. I am always blown away that our yummy, somewhat local (from 100 miles away), low heat pasteurized cream, with just a bit of beating, changes into a mass of pale to taxi cab yellow full fat goodness. At a bit of salt, and...perfection.

The transformation just amazes me. I read somewhere that butter has long been considered sacred food. Ancient people knew how to made butter, but didn't know why it happened, so they revered it for the mystery of it coming into being and the goodness it brought to life. Real butter as the transformation of something plain, with some added effort, and voila! something glorious emerges...something much greater than the sum of its part.


Butter is so simple and so yummy. It's a great building block ingredient, providing a perfect fat to make cookies tasty and crispy. It's great at kicking basic garden green beans up a notch to make them better rather than just good. And, honestly, isn't morning toast just so much better with a smear of real butter on it? Not even a lot, people! Just a bit goes a long way to start off the day in a great way.

Real butter has become a symbol for me on basics that make life a bit richer, a bit more satisfying.

The type of screen printing I do is all these things. Some really simple materials, add some effort and voila!...something magical emerges. Sometimes I print a pattern that's a background. Sometimes I print an in-your-face awesome motif that stands on its own. Other times I print on an existing pattern to augment something that's merely good into something that's much better.

The making and what's made brings some richness to my life. I hope what I've made brings some richness to your life too.